Use World of Ports on your Mobile Device


ISS World of Ports is now optimised for use on your mobile phone or tablet device without having to pinch and zoom around the main site. We appreciate that many of you will need to access the port information you need when away from your desk, so have worked to make this experience as easy as possible when using something other than a PC.

Mobile devices involve different user experience considerations and having the ability to deliver material reflecting the different screen sizes and touchscreen interfaces makes the World of Ports website considerably more usable. We have designed ISS World of Ports to recognise what sort of screen it is being displayed on and the user experience will adapt based upon this. No matter whether you’re using an iOS, Android, or Windows Phone device you can access all the same features and content you could get if accessing it from your desktop.

The one thing that is not yet supported is the map function on World of Ports. We still need to put some work in to get the map working with touch screens in quite the way we'd like it to, but rest assured, we're as keen as you are to see this functionality put in place.

You don’t need to download an app or install anything on your machine. Just click on any link to World of Ports and you’ll see the mobile version automatically.