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We are delighted to unveil our new website which will make it easier than ever before to get to the terminal and berth information you need. Built on the foundation of Inchcape Shipping Services' global presence, our new site brings you unparalled coverage of over 1,500 ports, 3,000 terminals, and 6,000 berths.

Ease of Access


ISS World of Ports delivers powerful map based navigation, allowing you to precisely define the geographic areas that are of interest to you, and accurately retrieve the port information relevant to your business. This is set alongside comprehensive database search functions that let you query every aspect of port, terminal, and berth parameters, giving you the confidence to screen ports for vessel compatability.



Comprehensive Port Informationhamburg-details

Every port in the ISS database contains over 170 data fields, ranging from contact details for port authorities, seaman's missions, and local ISS agents, through documentation requirements and availability of support services, to the critical berth level restrictions covering all the berth styles, permissible vessel parameters, restrictions on activities, types of cargo handles, and manifold details. Alongside detailed terminal maps, new levels of interactivity mean you can see the wider context of the facility including surrounding terrain and overhead satellite imagery.



Increased Personalisationmy-account-personalisation

World of Ports makes it easy to customise the user experience to match the way you want to work, and bring you the information you need from both information available on the web and your own internal data sources. You can add private notes to any port page, allowing you to bring in the direct experience you and your crews have of particular facilities and setting this alongside the authoritive information brought by ISS. 

Searches can be saved for later use and annotated to reflect the underlying thought processes highlighting what business questions are being answered by this result set.

Integration with web syndications systems and social media feeds mean you can readily bring in up to date information into your World of Ports environment, consolidating the information your teams need to have at their fingertips to be able to carry out their tasks quickly and effectively.

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If you would like to know more about how ISS World of Ports can work for you please get in touch, our experts will be delighted to talk you through the features and benefits of the service and discuss how you can make use of it.

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